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Quality policy statement

It is the policy of SGL to achieve and maintain the highest standard of quality in all aspects of its work.


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Quality System

Southern Group Laboratory products are manufactured at our Corby facility in compliance with our ISO 9001 Quality System. Every stage of manufacture is carefully controlled and documented to ensure the products are of consistently high quality.

Representative samples of our products are QC tested in our on-site laboratory which is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 and staffed by trained, experienced analysts.

The UKAS accredited QC tests are based on ISO 11133 part 2; methods have been validated and we have a programme of calibrations and operator checks to ensure the results are accurate.

Tests include the following:

Challenge testing of bottled and plated media to verify growth of target organisms or inhibition of non-target organisms meets pre-defined acceptance limits. This may be quantitative (where percentage recovery is specified) or qualitative.

Diluents and transport media are tested to ensure organism numbers remain constant over time and selective enrichment broths are tested to ensure they can recover the target organisms from mixed cultures of competing organisms.

All sterile media is tested for between 5 and 21 days at appropriate temperatures – usually 22 – 25oC, 35 – 37oC and 42 – 45oC to confirm sterility. In addition, we perform pH and gravimetric volume tests where these are relevant to the performance of the media.

Our product testing methods and specifications are derived from ISO 11133, Manufacturer's recommendations or the relevant Pharmacopoeia to ensure each batch of media is fit for purpose. However, we can also customise testing to meet the needs of individual customers.

Certificates of analysis are designed for ease of use and to ensure all relevant information is available as quickly as possible. Certificates are available online.

If you have particular media or QC requirements, please contact us and set up your own formulation or testing specification.




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